Stack overflow (Gender, Challenging & Satisfaction)

As I embark on this journey of becoming a Data Scientist, here’s the stepping stone in the direction of an exploratory data analysis of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017.


All the analysis is based on the Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey. On this link, you can find the data.

While I was looking at the survey dataset, I found interesting the following questions:

How many of them were Men, Women, and others? Are the Men and Women equally satisfied with their jobs?

Does the programming become less challenging with the years of experience?

Is the salary an important indicator for the satisfaction of the employers in the community of programming?


First, let's look at how the different Genders are distributed. It is known that the programming community is male-dominated so it is expected to see that the other genders are underrepresented.

Only about 9% of survey respondents who have answered the question identity as women or of other sex (like Transgender, Non-binary, etc).

Does the fact that there are more male programmers bother the women?

As we can see from the above plot it is clear that women programmers have more the need for diversity compares to males.

I also wanted to see the career between the two main genders that are represented in this survey (the percentages are normalized according to the population of men and women that answered the survey)

In this plot, we can see that the male programmers are slightly more satisfied but with no significant difference in my opinion. This maybe is due to the fact that women are underrepresented.

Years of coding

I programming becoming less challenging through the years of experience?

We can see that programming is staying challenging independently of the year of experience. The first 1–2 years is really challenging compared to the rest.

But it is interesting that with the year's programmers tend to work less as we can see in the graph below.

Salary and Satisfaction

I wonder if the salary is strongly correlated to Job satisfaction. Maybe someone will expect that the higher the Salary the employers are more satisfied.

We can see that job satisfaction and salary are strongly correlated but Salary is not really a determinative factor for job satisfaction.


All the conclusions are based only on this survey so they cannot be generalized but we can get a good point of view.

  1. We saw that the community of programming is still needed more diversity on the aspect of gender. But this doesn't affect the career satisfaction of the presentative genders.
  2. With more years of experience, the programming will not become less challenging but you can work fewer hours :)
  3. We then looked at how job satisfaction and salary are correlated. We conclude that salary doesn't need to go higher in order for the employers to be more satisfied but probably some other factors like the work environment are most important.




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